Three random things about me.

1. I have a plant fetish. I have trouble walking past a nursery without wanting to look at the plants and take home something. Now that we live in Sydney, I am managing my plant addiction pretty well. Mainly because I don’t want to carry the plants on the bus/train. (We don’t have a car.) Plus, I am truly terrified of bugs–and have discovered that the creepy-crawlies in Sydney are vicious. So, no more indoor plants for me. And hopefully I can find an outdoor plant that won’t get eaten alive.

2. I sometimes plan my vacations around food. I wake up thinking about where I am going to eat–and how I can stretch my stomach. When I was in college, I discovered the joy of walking around the city and snacking my way across it. I suppose it’s somewhat uncivilized to walk and eat. But, I vaguely recall Parisian women delicately biting into a casse-croute while walking. So, I figure, if Parisians do it, it can’t be that uncouth.

3. When I was seven years old, my second grade teacher had us keep a journal. Sometimes, she would give us a topic to write. Sometimes she would tell us to write about anything we wanted to. I loved keeping that journal. Ever since then, I’ve kept some sort of journal/diary. During my “terrible teens”, I would vent all my frustration and anger on that journal. I’m a bit embarrassed at some of the things I wrote at that time.


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