I could be anyone

Sometimes, as I’m wandering around this big city, I feel like a small little ant.

I moved here with Grinchy. And he is the only one I know here. Sure, we have met some people, but I still feel very anonymous. No one knows me here. I could be anyone I wanted to be.

I sat on the top level of a train car. There was no one around me.

I could have danced in the aisles. I could have stood on each chair. I could have streaked the car. Instead, I took pictures.

For some reason, I sometimes get embarrassed about taking pictures. Even though I am just a small little ant, I don’t want to call attention to myself. I just want to blend in.

Even though no one knows me here, and I can be whoever I wanted to be, I am still me.

So, it was nice to have the train car all to myself. I took pictures without a care. Although really, I’d love to take pictures of people, without them noticing. But maybe that’s a bit invasive. People are so interesting though. Maybe if I can figure out how to silence the stupid shutter sound on my camera phone. I promise I won’t take evil pictures.

There is something mesmerizing about watching the scenery pass by a train window. Even better if you can take silly pictures, anonymously.


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